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Workflow Automation With a Human Touch

Lumedic’s suite of solutions help you take action to address your healthcare system's revenue cycle performance troubles quickly.

Combined with Lumedic's denials management and avoidance solution, our RPA works in tandem with AI-powered analytics and helps your staff focus on what matters - helping people.

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The Challenge

Ineffective Systems Create More Real-Life Problems Than They Solve

When your team is working to resolve claims issues, often they focus primarily on what seems to turn around the best ROI. As this selection is often not data-driven, your team may not be correctly prioritizing the highest value accounts and maybe writing off accounts due to a lack of time or insight. Whether you have a work queue management system that is ineffective and requires manual workarounds or your clean claim rate is too low, Lumedic can help with our unique combination of AI-powered process mapping and workflow automation.

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Our Solution

Use Automation to Earn Back Revenue and Free Up Staff Time

Lumedic combines analytical insight with automation solutions to meet your team where they are. Through process and task mining, we pair with your hardest workers to learn their frustrations. Then, we offer you the right balance of Intelligent Automation (IA) to identify and solve the pressing issues your unique system faces.


Here are some of the ways we can help you fix your healthcare revenue cycle performance through and beyond automation.

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Our AI, machine learning, and RPA integration work together to deliver AI-powered process mapping that matches your KPIs.

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Our 10-step process optimizes your clean claims rates, including how claims editors and billing processes contribute.

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We automate processing for your low-balance claims so your team targets the details instead of writing off everything.

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Our solution digs through your mounds of denials data to show you which stress points to prioritize within your healthcare system’s RCM process.

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Denials clustering shows you where your problems are and how to attack them, whether through manual or automated resolution.

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