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Introducing Lumedic Connect

Your Health Information
Belongs to You

Take control of your health information, to simplify and smooth your access to health care. Get where you want to be with portable, secure health status on your smartphone with Lumedic Connect.


Lumedic Connect is being piloted for select Providence Patients in Washington, Oregon, California, Montana, and Alaska. Lumedic Connect will soon become available to everyone. To find out when you can get your vaccine record on your phone, sign up below.

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By Healthcare, For Healthcare

Hi. We're from Healthcare.

We're a healthcare company, first and foremost. We are committed to removing the friction in the flow of proper information to improve the quality of care, helping patients make their way forward.

Lumedic is leading the way, rethinking the role that patients play in the coordination of information exchange. Dr. Eve Cunningham Chief Medical Officer, Providence Medical Group SWWA

Protect Your Data

Seriously Secure

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Lumedic allows you to take your information with you and share it with any organization, anywhere you wish, in a way that allows that organization to have full confidence in information's authenticity.

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Your personal information is not stored on a central database controlled by an organization. It is only stored on your mobile device, always and exclusively under your control.

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We use all the strongest security measures available today – including biometrics, passwords and encryption – to ensure that the person using your phone is you.

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We break-down packages of information into discreet pieces of data, and only share the information necessary. (For example, sharing answers to questions that are verifiable, without the need to share the data itself.)

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Information is exchanged with unprecedented cryptographic protection to meet the strictest security, privacy, availability, and data protections required.

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Lumedic also co-founded an alliance to develop digital identity standards. The Lumedic Exchange has a shared governance model that offers transparency into all users and exchanges, holding each accountable.