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See Clearly Across the Revenue Cycle with Lumedic

The root causes of denials occur across the full revenue cycle. To fix them, you need to see all the issues.

Lumedic's one-stop denials management and avoidance solution, looks holistically across the revenue cycle. We use AI to expose root causes of your biggest revenue cycle issues and advanced analytics to show you how to both reduce denied claims and increase payer yield.

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The Challenge

Seeing Patterns Across RCM Data Silos Takes Time. Until Now.

Seeing data patterns across the spectrum of care you provide can be tedious. So, Lumedic uses AI to show you where denials are occuring. Then, you can use this data to improve your process and systems the right way to increase payment recovery, while lowering your overall cost to collect.

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Our Solution

Find the Root Cause of Revenue Cycle Issues

To improve revenue cycle operations, you need to know where to focus. The Lumedic denials management solution is a secure way to pinpoint risks to your revenue and predict future revenue leakage.

Unlike other revenue cycle analytics that rely only on traditional historic business intelligence, our denials management solution uses advanced analytics to shed light on hidden revenue risks. Without that advanced analysis to see through your revenue cycle holistically, these risks might otherwise go unnoticed.

Lumedic uses AI to produce actionable insights that guide your system’s priorities.

Lumedic In Action

By helping you fix your processes across the revenue cycle before they become denials, Lumedic empowers you to increase revenue and accelerate cash flow.

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Predict the Future

Lumedic has several enhancements in development to see even more clearly into the issues you’re facing with your revenue cycle, and it keeps getting better. This tool will grow with you as our suite of solutions addresses the most pressing needs in your denials management and avoidance strategy. We’d love to show you how.

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