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Make Data-Driven Decisions With Analytics

Whether you need to assess your RCM workflows, discover operational gaps, or compare your performance to benchmarks, Lumedic’s got you covered.

Our Denials Management and Avoidance solution for healthcare uses advanced analytics to create reports tailored to different audiences, arming the right people with the right information to make the right decisions.

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The Challenge

Take the Complexity Out of Payer Reimbursements

While health systems continuously struggle with high rates of denials and low rates of recovery, 90% of denials are preventable with the right insights and tools. Lumedic aggregates disparate data streams into one application and uses analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to identify denials hotpots and hidden denials and payer underpayments from seemingly unrelated data.

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Our Solution

Maximize ROI With Your Denials Prevention Strategy

With the timely visibility provided by our denials management and avoidance solution, process improvements are unlocked. With Lumedic you can:

  • Improve first-pass performance by reducing initial denial rate
  • Automate data mining to correlate non-obvious factors that are contributing to denials
  • Create revenue cycle reports including payer-to-payer benchmarking
  • Identify process improvement opportunities and track process change effectiveness
  • Prevent revenue leakage by identifying root denial causes

Our solution maximizes reimbursement by helping you to prevent issues before they show up in a denials work queue.

Prevent Future Payment Delays and Lost Revenue

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