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For Healthcare Providers

Frictionless Experiences – for Caregivers and Patients.

Championing cooperation, we help securely exchange validated information between healthcare’s stakeholders, with patients at the center. Through greater alignment and agreement, more is possible.

Our Vision

Proficient Patient Care

Information on patient identity, EHRs and health plans often resides in dislocated systems, in different conditions, at separate times, available only to selected users. Pulling that together, to deliver patient care and smooth billing and administrative process, is a costly burden relying on archaic systems. Too often patients are asked to help resolve the complexity. So, we created a better way.

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How It Works

Improving the Flow of Care

Lumedic Connect allows healthcare providers to exchange a patient's health information with their mobile device safely, securely, and privately - while maintaining confidence in the data’s integrity.

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Patient-Centered Interoperability

Lumedic Connect shifts the orientation of healthcare information exchanges, regarding the individual as the source and steward of their own data. Throughout an individual’s care journey, there is one constant at every point: the individual themselves. By making that individual the source of their data and by providing a simple, secure, and standardized interface for that individual to exchange that data with the appropriate parties, inter-organizational integration ceases to be a requirement.


How Patient-Centered Interoperability Helps Your Business

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Access your patient’s personal health information, instantly, by requesting it directly from their mobile device. Lumedic Connect allows individuals to share selected, personal health information with you, anywhere they wish, assuring you full confidence in the authenticity of the information.

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Private & Secure

Lumedic Connect excels against the accuracy, security and privacy requirements of providers, with a cryptographic authenticity offering higher assurance than portable information alone. Your patients enjoy the biometric security of mobile device to both access and securely exchange their own data with you, while dramatically limiting disclosure of protected health information.

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Interoperable & Accurate

Lumedic Connect works with the EHR systems you already have in place, and ensures accurate transmission of patient information directly from your patient’s mobile device. And information on a patient’s mobile device is kept up to date, so you know you’re accessing the most accurate information at all times.

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Lumedic Connect brings real-time access to synchronous information. This eliminates the challenge of insurance cards for expired coverage, changes in authorization standards, or missing lab results.

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Lumedic helps patients and providers see forward. Patients are afforded insights to help pre-determine coverage and associated out-of-pocket cost. Providers are armed with predictive analytical tools, to identify potential claims denials or delays, early, for easier and complete charge capture.

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Powered by Community

We can't do this alone - which is why we've convened providers, payers, businesses, and advocacy organizations to cooperate towards a common set of governance standards for the Lumedic Exchange.

The Lumedic Exchange allows individuals to share and control their personal health information, in a verifiable and trusted way, without the need for middlemen or centralized databases. This is the foundation of Lumedic Connect.

Learn more about joining the exchange, and get involved!

Lumedic Exchange

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Lumedic In Action

Perfect Coverage Records

With Lumedic Connect, patients can present digital insurance credentials at registration, and providers get a perfect coverage record created directly in their EHR. Providers access benefit information directly from the patient, not from payer portals or clearinghouses, meaning fewer coverage inquiries, better experiences, and faster access to care.

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By Healthcare, For Healthcare

A Care Provider Perspective

We’re a care provision company, first and foremost with an agenda to help all health provider organizations thrive. We’re doing this through the frictionless flow of proper information, to improve access to quality care, helping patients make their way forward.

Lumedic is leading the way, rethinking the role that patients play in the coordination of information exchange. Dr. Eve Cunningham Chief Medical Officer, Partnerships and Incubations at Providence

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