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Dec 16, 2020

Lumedic Connect Removes the Barriers to Proving Health Status

As COVID-19 testing becomes more common and we ready ourselves for a vaccine, we face the new challenge of how best to receive, carry, and share information that proves our health status.

Lumedic Connect provides a simple way to manage health information that makes individuals the keepers of their own health data on their mobile device. With your smartphone, Lumedic Connect lets you carry proof of any vaccination you have received.

As people receive vaccines, organizations may require proof of vaccination status before they can fully engage. Some employers, like hospitals, already require employees to verify a negative COVID-19 test to report to work in-person.

Sharing Our COVID-19 Status

Undoubtedly, our physical health is paramount, but to function as a cohesive, vibrant society again, we may also have to document and verify our good health for others. We can already see the limitations of our inability to verify a safe COVID-19 status. Even now, there are people sitting at home who have recently tested negative. Today, this condition provides limited value to them because they cannot verifiably prove or share their status.

To return to something like a pre-pandemic lifestyle, we need a vaccine, but we also need a way for people to prove their vaccination status. People may need to share this information with not just an employer but also airlines, restaurants, concert venues, and anywhere else that people gather in groups. Just how to share the information is a challenge in itself. For decades, yellow vaccination books have set the standard for one’s vaccine records. Now we can secure and validate this data using the one thing that millions of Americans always have with them–their smartphone.

The market currently offers few options for receiving, carrying, and sharing personal health information. The current healthcare system is antiquated in the way it manages health information. Odds are, the last time your information was faxed somewhere, it was between healthcare organizations. Lumedic Connect offers a solution to the outdated healthcare data management systems.

By making it easy to share data, Lumedic Connect streamlines procedures, cutting unnecessary requests for data. The healthcare industry wastes billions of dollars each year in administrative errors and unnecessary tasks. By keeping data with the patient, Lumedic Connect not only empowers the patient, it has the potential to revolutionize outdated components of the healthcare industry.

While our health data is always important, keeping that data with us and selectively sharing it may now be essential to getting us back to a fulfilling, vibrant life around other people.

The applications of Lumedic Connect extend beyond the current pandemic. Once you store your health data in Lumedic Connect, you choose which parts of your health information you want to share and who you want to share it with, whether it’s an airline or a new health provider.

Lumedic Connect makes the patient the owner and the source of their own private health information. We can now rethink the role that patients play in the coordination of a range of healthcare processes. Lumedic Connect creates a simpler way to ensure that the right information is accessible to the right people, when and where they need it. Here is a video that describes how it works today:

Lumedic Connect prioritizes patient health information security and privacy above all else. We ensure that the patient information sources are trustworthy and compliant with our governance model. And data never leaves the patient’s control. For while Lumedic Connect relies on a cloud-hosted services architecture to send information directly to a patient’s mobile device (currently built on Microsoft Azure), the information is only on that device, not on Lumedic systems – which is core to how we ensure that the patient retains control of their information.

Making It Easy to Share Health Information

Lumedic Connect streamlines secure health information sharing. Developing the vaccine is the hard part. The details, like communicating proof of that vaccine to others, should be as easy as picking up your phone, and with Lumedic Connect, they are.

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