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May 26, 2021

Lumedic Connect Verifier Portal Lets Businesses and People Get Back to Normal

Lumedic’s verifier portal has solved one of businesses’ biggest problems as the country starts to open up from the pandemic lockdown – how to confirm their employees’ and customers’ vaccinations while honoring privacy.

With the Lumedic Connect Verifier Portal, any company with an internet-connected phone, tablet or computer has the power to open up at higher capacity and confirm everyone’s vaccination status.

Here’s how it works.

Customers Download and Set Up Lumedic Connect

Customers and employees download the newly updated Lumedic Connect app on their smartphones. The app, which is in an ever-growing pilot stage right now, uses secure blockchain technology to link each person’s record to their phone. Lumedic Connect uses biometrics, such as fingerprint scanning and face recognition, to further protect people’s data on their smartphones.

Your Company Verifies Health Information

When someone with the Lumedic Connect app comes to a business, the company offers them a QR code on a tablet, laptop or smartphone. They scan the QR code from the Lumedic Connect app and follow the steps to choose whether to share their health information.

For example, for an event, Connect can verify vaccination status for each patron in less than 30 seconds. Patrons control what data they choose to share, and unlike a paper card, the Lumedic Connect app is secure and practically impossible to forge or cheat.

It’s that easy. Companies can expand their services with confidence that they’re protecting employees and customers alike. To learn more, check out more Verifier Portal information or schedule a demo.


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