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For Payers


Through cooperation, we simplify and automate the exchange of information between payers and providers, driving accuracy and reducing administrative errors for all parties - especially patients.

Payer Precision

Everyone at the Table

Our nation’s healthcare system is afflicted with dislocated information systems, archaic processes, and unreconciled practices. Managing interdependent payer and provider organizations, without greater interoperability, is costly for everyone, sacrificing revenue and frustrating member satisfaction and loyalty.

Lumedic brings all of healthcare’s stakeholders to the table, with a shared governance model for the secure exchange and automated processing of information.

Lumedic Connect

Lumedic Connect allows payers and healthcare providers to exchange a patient's health information with their mobile device safely, securely, and privately - while maintaining confidence in the data’s integrity. By integrating with the systems and processes you already use, Lumedic Connect resolves downstream issues before they even happen.

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Prior Authorization

Free your providers from portal lookups and third parties. Automate prior authorization requests and streamline patient access to care.

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Direct Eligibility

Allow patients to provide direct coverage information to their providers, without the need for clearinghouses or portal access.

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Denials Prevention

Reduce the impact of clinical and non-clinical denials, lessening the burden on administration, improving member experience, and lowering risk and costs.

Lumedic in Action

Verified Insurance Credentials

With Lumedic Connect, digital insurance credentials can be issued directly to your members. This means Providers can access direct, accurate benefits information from patients, not clearinghouses or benefit portals. And this means fewer coverage inquiries for payers and better experiences for patients.

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Lumedic Exchange

Powered by Community

We can't do this alone - which is why we've convened providers, payers, businesses, and advocacy organizations to cooperate towards a common set of governance standards for the Lumedic Exchange.

The Lumedic Exchange allows individuals to share and control their personal health information, in a verifiable and trusted way, without the need for middlemen or centralized databases. This is foundation of Lumedic Connect.

Learn more about joining the exchange, and get involved!

Lumedic Exchange

Engage in Cooperation

If you’re a payer organization, motivated to reduce your costs from healthcare’s friction, reach out.