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An Open Community

Lumedic Exchange

The Lumedic Exchange is the community of organizations taking on healthcare interoperability by thinking differently about the role patients play in the exchange of their own personal health information.

Care Through Cooperation

A Platform for Healthcare’s Community

Lumedic Exchange establishes the foundation of open standards and governance, using verifiable credentials as a pattern for information sharing. From this platform, Lumedic Connect enables a patient-centric model of health information exchange.

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Technology + Governance. Better Together.

Our patient-centric model embraces the concept of decentralization. We’ve shifted the ownership and control of information and systems away from a central actor. Without a central owner, community governance is the means to ensure trust in the system.

Components of the Framework

The Lumedic Exchange Governance Framework

Lumedic Exchange Business Polices

Lumedic Exchange Security Policies

Lumedic Exchange Privacy and Data Protection Policies

Lumedic Exchange Anti-Trust Policies

Lumedic Exchange Member Agreement

Use Cases

Community-Driven Innovation

While governance and standards are critical, the community is tasked with discovering new use cases and scenarios that leverage this new pattern. Here are a few examples of what's possible:

Ecosystem Governance

Thought Leadership

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White Paper

Ecosystem Governance

The Lumedic Exchange’s shared governance model incorporates the human elements of digital trust, including legal, regulatory, business, and social requirements and is discussed in-depth in in its white paper.


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White Paper

Navigating Regulation

The Lumedic Exchange’s view and analysis on the intersection of digital identity and healthcare laws such as HIPAA and the 21st Century Cares Act are set out in its white paper.


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Cures Act

This report explores how the Cures Act will bring changes and improvements to healthcare providers, payers, and pharmacies. Understanding the Cures Act will help you provide a better patient experience and to ensure compliance that avoids costly fines.


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