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Denials Prevention Powered by AI

Budgets and resources are getting slashed year after year, but revenue cycle teams are still tasked with responding to never-ending onslaught of denied claims. We've developed a methodology and predictive solution to reduce denials and underpayments by using AI to allow organizations to be data-driven in their denials prevention strategy.

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Prevent Payment Delays and Lost Revenue

The Lumedic Alphalytics SaaS solution aggregates disparate data streams into one application and uses machine learning to identify hotspots and hidden denials from seemingly unrelated data. Daily revenue risk scoring provides the insights to guide decision making. The metrics, reporting, and benchmarking solutions in our platform provides revenue cycle professionals with the timely visibility for process improvement.

Discover Hidden Denials Insights

Our machine learning algorithm finds denials and underpayments hotspots or dense clusters of denials, including those you know about and those you don't.

Data-Driven Denials Prevention Strategy

Denials management and prevention teams can focus only on denials hotspots that lead to the highest ROI, reduction of administrative burden or opportunity to collect.

Optimize Denial and Underpayment Recovery Workflow

Our algorithms reveal denial populations that are most likely to be overturned as well as identify those with historical low collection rates.

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The Customer Perspective

For healthcare, revenue cycle performance is more important than ever. Lumedic changes the game for leading healthcare organizations who demand not just better analytics, but technology solutions that remove the friction in today's payer/provider ecosystem.

For the first time, we are putting real-time and actionable data and information into the hands of healthcare operators. COO of Clinical Institutes, Health Provider

A data-driven scientific method to preventing denials

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

  • Built on Microsoft Azure cloud platform to provide our customers with world-class security, compliance and ML services
  • Born out of our health system experience, we’re customer obsessed from day one and developed our solution hand in hand with revenue cycle leaders as well as insights from top management consultants in healthcare and business.
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Prioritize denials hotspots by net revenue opportunity and past success for recovery.

Create solutions, whether operational changes, coding edits, or other EMR rule edits to address denial issues.

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Measure and monitor denial solutions in flight.

Alert when anomalies are detected in the data or a threshold has been met.

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Iterate and Learn.

Track hotspots over time and review efficacy of solutions.

Retrospectively evaluate efficacy of solutions.


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