We're building a better system, with the patient at the center

What if the systems that support the revenue cycle worked with patients, not around them?


Patient Access

From registration to prior authorization, Lumedic’s platform exchanges information directly between patients, payers, and providers. This removes friction from the system and expedites patient access to care.

Patient Payments

Lumedic is building a future that empowers patients with the information they need to finally understand the cost of care. From out-of-pocket estimates to payment plans, helping patients pay their bills with ease and flexibility is an overarching goal.

Denials Prevention

When claims get denied, everyone suffers. Patients get surprise bills, providers don’t get paid, and operational costs rise for payers and providers alike. Lumedic helps to get ahead of denials before they happen, doing everything we can to avoid them in the first place.

All on a Platform Built with Patients in Mind

With the patient in the center, we’re rethinking the foundation of the systems that power the business of healthcare administration.