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Digital Vaccination Cards

Lumedic Connect lets patients display digital copies of their vaccine records, using their smartphones. With authentic and verifiable data stored only on a patient's phone, not with Lumedic, your relationship stays personal and secure.

Putting patients at the center of healthcare

As vaccinations continue to rollout, health systems have been elevated to serving a more important role in our community than ever before. With Lumedic Connect, you can provide not just vaccinations, but innovation to your patient populations through a digital vaccination card that provides both convenience and flexibility, at no cost. Only healthcare providers and departments of health can issue a vaccine record with Lumedic Connect, making it the only trusted digital solution for proof of vaccination.

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Digital Convenience for Patients

Patients who receive their COVID-19 vaccinations today get a paper CDC card that is easy to lose, forget, fake, and damage. Lumedic Connect gives your patients the convenience of a digital vaccine card that they can take with them on their smartphone, at no cost.

Recovery for your Community

With Lumedic Connect, provide your patient populations with the tool and flexibility to prove their vaccination status in the community. As CDC guidance changes, Lumedic Connect lets your patients adapt to the latest policies and guidelines without compromising on personal privacy. From global travel to 2nd dose verification to return to work, help your communities come back online safely and quickly.

No Impact to Clinical Workflow

Lumedic Connect retrieves a patient’s vaccine record directly from your EHR or from the state vaccine registry. This means the process is downstream of your clinical workflow, making deployment and integration as simple as possible.

Your Path to Better Patient Engagement

Lumedic Connect powers the digitally enabled patient, giving patients ease of access to the information they need to navigate and engage in their healthcare journeys. Starting with digital vaccination cards, you’re on your way to modern interoperability and a more engaged patient experience.