What was the inspiration for starting Lumedic?

A routine healthcare experience that ended in frustration, surprise bills, unanswered questions, and a sense of urgency to do something about it.

Read more about our story and our founder’s patient experience, which lead to what is now Lumedic.

Who are your customers?

Today, we’re focused building products that address the administrative challenges in Revenue Cycle Management for health systems. By working closely with Providence, our products are designed for both healthcare facilities and providers.

What are you working on?

While our flagship product, Prior Authorization, will continue to mature in 2020, we're also developing an exciting lineup of new products that span our three innovation tracks: Patient Access, Patient Financial Engagement, and Denials Management. You can expect to see new products from Lumedic that include Registration Support, Patient Estimates, and Denials Prediction.

How do you handle security and privacy?

We engineer our products with security and privacy in mind for today, and for where we see the industry heading. At Lumedic, we recognize the importance of protecting your personal information. We’re committed to processing it responsibly and in compliance with applicable data protection laws.

For more information, please reference our following policy and compliance documents as of the effective date:

Will you share the information you gain from researching health systems?

Yes. We learn new things everyday through our work with Providence and through our interactions with people throughout the health system. When we’re able, we'll share research and studies that we think are valuable to the broader ecosystem, because we want to help make a difference.

Do you replace the Electronic Health Record (EHR) platforms for health systems and providers?

No. We rely on EHR vendors as our partners. Think of Lumedic as a behind-the-scenes layer of orchestration that enriches the EHR and expedites an exchange of information.

So, are you a clearinghouse?

No. While a clearinghouse sits between health systems and payors (i.e. trading partners) as an intermediary, Lumedic’s products promote direct communication between health systems and payors, removing the need for a third party.

Why should I be a part of Lumedic?

What we do matters. Our work directly impacts caregivers and patients, and this gives us a powerful sense of purpose. It drives our culture, our mindset, and our way of working toward a common cause. If you want to join a team that's motivated by the opportunity to impact an area as personal and important as healthcare, let’s talk!

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