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Meet our Members: Max Templeton, Principal Architect at Cambia Health Solutions


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Rebecca Davis-Suskind


Jul 14, 2021

Meet our Members: Max Templeton, Principal Architect at Cambia Health Solutions

Max Templeton is the Principal Architect at Cambia Health Solutions, a not-for-profit company dedicated to transforming healthcare by making the health care experience simpler, better, and more affordable for people and their families. His professional work started in Silicon Valley in the 1980s doing shrinkwrap. In the 1990s, he moved to designing and building multimedia, model-driven architecture, and dynamic website customization tools. Max is grateful that he had support and guidance from several influential mentors over the years who showed him the value of model driven architecture and the power of abstraction when dealing with information. These experienced technology professionals taught Max an important lesson: Consistently producing quality software is a matter of keeping its design and code elegant. If it starts to get ugly or complicated, stop, set down your tools, and figure out where you’ve gone wrong.

After a brief stint doing predictive analytics tools and plumbing Service-Oriented Architectures, Max started his now long-standing career with Cambia.

Max is excited to be a part of the Lumedic Exchange. He sees the work being done there as directionally correct. It is not only where the tide is going but in a direction where Cambia has been actively working which makes it a natural fit to support. Believing that verifiable credentials are a part of the natural evolution of identity management, Max is also engaged in identity work in a number of ways and believes that the effort to create verifiable credentials and federated identities is an extremely rich and interesting space. Max is also involved with the Carin Alliance on the tiger team looking at trust frameworks.

It is highly recommended to review some of Max’s lectures on Interoperability and identity, they are not only educational but reflect the thoughtful way he thinks through systems strategy, architecture, or implementation. As a bonus, he has a wicked sense of humor.

Want to join Max as he helps shape the future of this community? Join Lumedic Exchange.


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