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Meet our Members: David Richards, CEO of CareSpace


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Rebecca Davis-Suskind


Jun 9, 2021

Meet our Members: David Richards, CEO of CareSpace

David Richards is the CEO of CareSpace, an AI-enabled virtual assistant platform that connects to medical devices and wearables.  His professional work started in digital transformation and the web studio space.  After working at Novell, David launched his own consulting company, leading innovative technology projects for large international brands and organizations. Here are some of his areas of focus:

  • Healthcare (Kaiser Permanente, Mayo Clinic, Barnes Healthcare)
  • Medical devices (Medtronic, Hologic, Getz Healthcare)
  • Pharmaceuticals (Glaxo Smith Kline)
  • Nonprofit/humanitarian aid (The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, American Red Cross, UNICEF) `

Innovative Technology, Real-Time Interactions

David worked with clients like Kaiser Permanente and Medtronic to create remote care platforms that empower patients actively engaged in their healthcare – beyond the doctor’s office – through the use of wearables.

In one example, patients with chronic conditions were enrolled in a CareSpace program.  These patients were connected to wearable devices and sent texts when they had physiological changes, like a change in blood pressure.  The program sent a warning message to their devices along with a video explaining what might be happening.  At the same time, a text went to a care coordinator, who then connected with the patient.

The benefits to both patient and system were huge:  The health system saw a reduction in repeat visits to the ED, dropping from 89% to 5% in less than 6 months, saving them $14 million. Enrolled patients received prompt, quality care when they needed it the most.

Currently, David and CareSpace are collaborating with Dr. Bernard Fox, Chief of the Laboratory of Molecular and Tumor Immunology for Providence Health, in a plan to assess how sleep is influenced by cancer treatments.

Lumedic Exchange: Bringing Business and Innovation Together

Given his history as an entrepreneur and innovator, David is excited being part of the first group in the industry to define the standards and governance frameworks for verifiable credentials – the Lumedic Exchange.

The Exchange aligns naturally with David’s vision that patient privacy and control over their own data should be guiding principles when creating standards that promote

  • Decentralization
  • flexibility
  • openness

This effort highlights the utility of technology and protects and provides support to our patient community.

Want to join David as he helps shape the future of this community? Join Lumedic Exchange.

David Richards, Headshot

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