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Issue Digital Vaccination Credentials

Lumedic Connect in Action

Join the community of providers that have chosen to offer digital vaccination credentials with Lumedic Connect to their patients.

Introducing Lumedic Connect

Lumedic Connect is a mobile application that lets patients securely store a digital record of their COVID-19 vaccination on their smartphone. They can then share their record where needed to show their vaccination status. In the Spring of 2021, patients can start sharing their Lumedic Connect digital vaccine records with any organization, business, or healthcare system using the app to verify patient health information.

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How To Offer digital vaccination credentials to your patients

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Request a Demo

You're interested in offering digital vaccination records to your patients. We'll get you started with a demo to show you how Lumedic Connect works.

Request Demo

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Receive Materials

Once you've selected your launch date, we make it easy and ship all the materials you need based on expected patient volume.

Request Materials

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Re-Order Supplies

When supplies are running low, fill out the re-order form and we'll get you stocked up!

Order Supplies

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Quick Print

If you need extra copies of the Lumedic Connect overview for staff or the FAQ, print them at your facility.

Download and Print

how patients get registered

Lumedic Connect App

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Patients register to receive their digital COVID-19 vaccination records at using a computer, smart phone or tablet.

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When a patient’s digital vaccination record is ready, Lumedic Connect will send them a text message.

Image of Step3 download lumedic connect

Patients will receive a link in the text message to download the Lumedic Connect mobile application and receive their digital COVID-19 vaccination record.