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For Businesses

Get Back to Business, Safely.

Lumedic Connect lets businesses request anonymous health checks from your employees and customers so you can more confidently continue business, safely.

The Challenge

Business Needs for Health Information Are Changing

The need to access health information from your workforce and customers is changing. How you handle it is just as important as the need to keep your place of business safe.

The Solution

With Lumedic Connect, You’re Covered

We’re the only health technology platform that lets you access health information while preserving an individual’s privacy and without compromising information integrity.

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How it Works

Built for Healthcare, Open for Business

We built Lumedic Connect to change how parties exchange information in healthcare. Turns out, the need to verify employee and customer health information is expanding outside of healthcare as we continue to define the new normal in our communities.


Lumedic Connect in Action

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Lumedic Exchange

Powered by a Community

Lumedic Connect is more than a workplace health solution for businesses - it's a new relationship with your employees and customers. And it's the only solution supported by a community of organizations dedicated to protecting the privacy of individuals while still providing access to the information that businesses need to maintain their vigilance.

Lumedic Exchange

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