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About Lumedic

Care Through Cooperation

We are a Health Information Logistics company, compelled by patient-centered design, to optimize the way people access, manage, and pay for healthcare.

Our Vision

Cooperation Drives Care

One of healthcare’s lingering challenges remains the conflicted information systems, processes and policies that limit access, frustrate understanding and hamper reconciliation of procedures to payments. The corresponding costs are enormous – and intolerable.

To fix that, we entirely rethink systems at the core of healthcare administration. Today Lumedic enables every healthcare stakeholder to enjoy unprecedented cooperation, through interoperable systems and shared standards, that prompts information, not people, to work harder.

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A Frictionless Future

The Lumedic Exchange is a community of organizations committed to greater cooperation, to start deconflicting healthcare’s information ecosystem.

The basis for this cooperation is trusted, verified, secure exchanges of information based on the one constant that matters to every stakeholder: the patient.

Through shared governance, members will capture value lost to waste, delay, and uncertainty, while simultaneously improving patient experience and patient care.

Lumedic Exchange

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By Healthcare, For Healthcare

Hi. We're from Healthcare.

We’re a healthcare company, first and foremost. We are committed to removing friction in the flow of proper information to improve the quality of care, helping patients make their way forward.

Lumedic is leading the way, rethinking the role that patients play in the coordination of information exchange. Dr. Eve Cunningham Chief Medical Officer, Partnerships and Incubations at Providence

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Lumedic in the News

Komo News

Redmond Firm Develops Electronic COVID Vaccine Pass

As more and more people across Washington state receive the coronavirus vaccine, there are suggestions that recipients should be easily able to prove they have received the medication. The only proof recipients have now after they receive a vaccine dose is a written card, but concern has grown that those hard copy cards can be easily counterfeited. Lumedic, a Redmond-based firm, thinks it has found a solution.

PR Newswire

Lumedic Launches New Digital Health Passport That Offers Providence Patients Secure Digital Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination Status

Lumedic announced today that it has launched a first-of-its-kind commercial technology to offer digital vaccine cards to patients receiving COVID-19 vaccinations at sites affiliated with Providence, one of the nation's largest health systems. The technology includes a mobile app that gives patients the option to share vaccination verification status quickly and securely, when and how they want.


Can blockchain heal what ails healthcare? Lumedic launches new quest for digital identity standards

Health technology company Lumedic launched a new effort to create standards for digital identity in healthcare, aiming to streamline the exchange of patient data and remove bottlenecks in the larger healthcare system using blockchain technology.

A Career in Cooperation

If you – like us – believe a cooperative healthcare ecosystem is better for everyone, reach-out to discuss careers at Lumedic.

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