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Lumedic Connect

We built Lumedic Connect to fix how we exchange information in healthcare. We are shifting the orientation of healthcare information exchange by putting the patient at the center - in control of their own health data.

With Lumedic Connect's COVID-19 digital vaccination records, patients carry verifiable credentials that prove they have received the vaccine. Utilizing a smartphone, patients have control of their own data, and can easily share proof of vaccination with organizations and providers.

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Healthcare Data Reimagined

What happens when healthcare and technology merge to form a patient-first approach to health data?

Patients can own and use their health information to better direct and manage their healthcare journey, leading to better outcomes and healthier communities. Providers and organizations can make decisions based on direct access to patient health information, which can reduce cost due to errors. Businesses and public spaces can provide safer in-person experiences with verification.


Lumedic Connect allows healthcare providers to exchange a patient's health information with their mobile device safely, securely, and privately - while maintaining confidence in the data’s integrity.

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With Lumedic Connect, you can issue digital insurance credentials directly to your members that they can accurately share with providers, reducing errors and improving the patient experience.

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More than ever, many businesses need to know customer and employee health status. Lumedic Connect lets your business request anonymous health checks from employees and customers so you can confidently continue business, safely.

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With Lumedic Connect, you are the source of truth for your health information. Lumedic Connect lets you carry and privately share proof of vaccination or lab test results when needed to help you get back to normal life while keeping those around you safe.

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The Challenge

Our nation’s healthcare system is afflicted with dislocated information systems, archaic processes, and unreconciled practices.

The systems that we rely on today in healthcare simply do not support the information needs and decision support that our processes and stakeholder experiences demand. We need interoperability at scale and inclusive cooperation across healthcare’s many parts.

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Patients and Providers, Working as One

We are on a mission to rethink the information systems and patterns that will define the future of healthcare. With Lumedic Connect we are shifting the orientation of healthcare information exchange by putting the patient at the center and in control of their own health data.

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Lumedic Exchange

Powered by Community

The Lumedic Exchange governs the standards and the cooperation model that make Lumedic Connect possible. Join us.

Lumedic Exchange

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By Healthcare, For Healthcare

The Provider Perspective

We’re a healthcare company, first and foremost. We are committed to removing friction in the flow of proper information to improve the quality of care, helping patients make their way forward.

Lumedic is leading the way, rethinking the role that patients play in the coordination of information exchange. Dr. Eve Cunningham Chief Medical Officer, Providence Medical Group SWWA

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