Fixing the Business of Healthcare

Streamlining the revenue cycle so payers and providers can focus on patients, not administration

We Are Lumedic

We’re a team of technologists, healthcare professionals, and patients questioning convention and learning within one of the largest health systems in the United States. Our charter is to build a revenue cycle platform that works better, for everyone.


A healthcare platform powered by trust

Lumedic reimagines how payers and providers administer the business of healthcare. We promote direct, trusted information exchanges between all stakeholders — patients included.


Designed around the patient

The revenue cycle wasn’t built for patients, but the economics have changed. Patients now play a more active role. We’ve built a new platform from the ground up, and we started with the patient at the center.


Promoting patient access and financial transparency

Patients deserve better information when they're accessing and understanding the cost of care. It’s a complex problem under the surface, but it’s why we’re here.

Innovation rooted in research

Real-world research informs everything we do. All the way from problem to product, we work with revenue cycle operations, physicians, and patients as part of one of the largest health systems in the US. We're focused on patient access, transparency, and interoperability.

Patient Access

Patient access can include factors like time to care, proximity to care, cost of care, coverage of care, and many more. 

By eliminating inefficiencies between payers and providers and bringing clarity to care decisions, we’re constantly working to improve patient access. 



Transparency enables patients, providers, and payers to make informed and timely care decisions. 

Lumedic started with the idea that patients deserve more financial information when they’re making decisions about care, so transparency informs everything we do.  



Interoperability allows organizations and individuals to more efficiently communicate about and coordinate a consistent and expedient quality of care. 

Because we hold the patient experience paramount, we champion interoperability and constantly work to improve and promote it.

Big things are on the way

Our healthcare system is complex and costly. It doesn’t need to be.
We’re here to change the system, and we're starting at its foundation.