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Elevate Your Revenue Cycle Operations

For healthcare, revenue cycle performance is more important than ever. Lumedic changes the game for leading healthcare organizations who demand not just better analytics, but technology solutions that remove the friction in today's payer/provider ecosystem.

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The Challenge

Get to the Root Cause.

Lumedic works with your existing EHR platform and uses AI to

  • learn from your data,
  • identify trends,
  • pinpoint emerging patterns across patient accounts

Our AI catches issues you can't see -- before they show up in a denials work queue.

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Our Solution

Fix Issues Sooner, Avoid Problems Later

The numbers are clear:

  • $13.3B could be saved annually by automating revenue cycle processes
  • 90% of denials are manageable or avoidable when you know what causes them

Automating revenue cycle processes from patient access to billing doesn't just improve operational efficiency, it's essential to an effective denials management and avoidance strategy. Healthcare organizations need a tech platform that understands this -- not just as technologists, but as people who use it. Working with one of the largest health systems in the US, we've seen it all, and we know what works.

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What if Patients Could Help?

With new regulations, patients play new roles in handling their health data. This creates more ways to streamline the revenue cycle. With Lumedic Connect, patients are the source of truth. The data they hold drives workflows from coverage record creation to coordination of care.

Just one way we’re rethinking the foundation of revenue cycle management.

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By Healthcare, For Healthcare

The Provider Perspective

We’re a healthcare company, first and foremost. We are committed to removing friction in the flow of proper information to improve the quality of care, helping patients make their way forward.

Lumedic is leading the way, rethinking the role that patients play in the coordination of information exchange. Dr. Eve Cunningham Chief Medical Officer, Partnerships and Incubations at Providence

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